ThreatIngestor requires Python 3.6+.

You may need to install the Python development headers seperately. On Ubuntu/Debian-based systems, try:

sudo apt-get install python3-dev

Then install threatingestor from pip:

pip install threatingestor

By default, threatingestor does not pull all dependencies for plugins you may not use. If you want to use a certain plugin, you’ll need to pull in its dependencies as well. For example, if you want to use SQS queues:

pip install threatingestor[sqs]

If you want to use Beanstalk and Twitter:

pip install threatingestor[beanstalk,twitter]

Or if you don’t know what you might need, and want to just pull in everything:

pip install threatingestor[all]


If you’d like to use the git source, you will also need to have Git installed.

If you want to use the notification support, install Notifiers separately: pip install notifiers.