Operator Plugins

Operator plugins handle artifact export. They can be configured to only send certain artifact types, only send artifacts from certain sources, filter down artifacts to only those matching a certain regex, and more.

To add an operator to your configuration file, include a section like this:

  - name: myoperator
    module: myoperatormodule

The module option must match one of the operators listed below, or your custom operator.

The following options are globally accepted by all operators:

  • allowed_sources: List (in YAML syntax) of source names to allow.
  • artifact_types: List (in YAML syntax) of artifact types to allow.
  • filter: A regex, or comma-separated list (not in YAML syntax) of some special keywords.

All of these options are inclusive, so only artifacts matching the restrictions will be sent through the operator.


  - name: mysource
    module: mysourcemodule

  - name: myothersource
    module: mysourcemodule

  - name: non-ip-based-urls
    module: myoperatormodule
    allowed_sources: [mysource]
    filter: is_domain
    artifact_types: [URL]

  - name: google-domain-masquerade
    module: myoperatormodule
    allowed_sources: [mysource, myothersource]
    filter: ([^\.]google.com$|google.com[^/])
    artifact_types: [URL, Domain]

By combining these three options, you can include any number of different sources and operators in your config, and still only send exactly the artifacts you want to each operator.

All operators allow credentials such as usernames, passwords, OAuth tokens, etc to be defined in a seperate credentials section and referenced by name with a credentials keyword. Consider a plugin that accepts a token and a secret. In config.yml, you would set it up the credentials and operators sections like this:

  - name: myoperator-auth
    token: MYTOKEN
    secret: MYSECRET

  - name: myoperator
    credentials: myoperator-auth

This allows the same credentials to be reused for several different operators (or sources), without having to duplicate them in each operator definition.

Available Plugins

The available operator plugins are: